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Day 12

sunny 27 °C

September 13th

Woke up late again today. I've given up trying to have a shower in the morning - it just never happens, i let alone make it to breakfast on time!
Although when i staggered out the tent this morning i was met with trumpeting, Elephants up close and personal! I went to tell everyone else, i dunno why i assumed i was the only one who could hear them, i haven't got magical hearing, quite the opposite, so i was met with an empty table! I grabbed two bits of toast and joined them. Quite an experience, breakfast with Elephants (Y) Oh, i'm becoming quite the coffee drinker by the way, parents will find it strange i assume.
Went de-worming this morning, was looking forward to it but i genuinely had to stop myself collapsing in the heat, think i should start taking more vitamins! My leg was getting achey and Stevie eventually told me hospital would be the best plan to get some antibiotics... never happened though, planning isn't an African strong point i would say, oh well we'll see! I got a bit teary though, don't like dealing with medical stuff without mum being around.. Tina was there to fill me up on cuddles though :)!
Bryony and i went running about in the rain at lunchtime, was so refreshing, felt like a total kid though!
Afternoon, it has to be said i was slacking a bit at the tree nursery - mainly because right at the beginning i felt something bite me in the crotchal area and i had a hissy fit... i kept clear of the bugs from then on! Stevie learnt we are not ALL from grumpy old England, some of us are pure Scotch beef, small Irish Leprechauns, and we even have a fishy smelling Kangaroo from Australia - which turns out he actually thought was Welsh!
Stevie also gave us an insight into his animal mating habits, thats all i'm saying... i have never laughed so much in my life though! Aloe Vera was also bought from Mr. Musa... who was selling it like it was his dying wish!
OMG - french plaiting, Tina is on a rampage, it's brilliant!
Dunno if i will go to hospital tomorrow, i would of went today but the decision isn't in my hands.. i think it should get better over night maybe!
Chilling to Emma's Nigerian music, niiiiiiggghhhhttt


p.s. Jenny & I tidied the tent!

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Day 11

overcast 22 °C

September 12th

Washed a massive amount of shit with Bryony this morning - i totally forgot how much stuff my wash bag can hold! woops. Bryony washed all her pants, you can tell who bought out Tammy! hahaha.
Had a chipati lesson at a leisurely pace, Wilfred and Mama Chipati where sharing their expert skills with us. I'm still shit. Don't expect any miraculous lessons when i return home guys!
EDP is turning a bit choreish cause we are just SO good at it, but the banter is still up to standard so we'll get through it.
The Boogie Bus is turning into a ghetto blaster - Nairobi Kiss 100 is clearly where its at... where if your wife's cheating on you they think it's okay to strangle her (Y) ha. Dynamite seems to be following us around at the moment, and for this reason it's our team song :) that and Usher's - OMG. Only the best for us..
We continued late into the night (9pm) and danced like mad! Apparently i'm quite a mover "/ Stevie was showing us some of his moves - mostly elephant based, was an absolute crease!
Stevie had a serious look at my leg/up my skirt which caused much hilarity for everyone else (i will explain the story later.. maybe)

My flatmate has a serious issue with talking in her sleep... At this moment in time as i am writing this she is trying to hand someone in her dream a pillow.. what a freak eh? I have to reply to her even when she is sleeping cause she has sometimes in the past hit her friends in the face if they have ignored her.. great! haha.


p.s. our only day off and it isn't scorching - I WANT TO GET A TAN! bloody rain.

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Day 10

sunny 30 °C

Road Maintenance included a wee game of Elephant Dung cricket - really wasn't as classy as the gentlemen's game! Ben had an epic fall, flat on his back and everything, it was amazing! Stevie also said we where the best team he's had at road maintenence because we dont complain and just get on with it.
The womans visit was equally amazing - started off dancing then headed to hand hoe a feild then Betty Swum appeared to say "Hello!".
At this point my "My King and I" dream came out to everyone, which proved very funny to everyone, atleast they weren't disgusted. I also put my kanga on Ben on the way back to the tree which the women found very funny, they couldn't stop laughing about it!
Just before dinner we sat around the table and shared our best bits with Stevie, was SO funny - really am going to miss him! After a couple more Tuskers we settled round the campfire for some serious booty shaking to Beyonce! I'm all wiggled out.
Safe to say today has been knackering, but bloody amazing! :D


p.s. Ben said the lovliest thing to me today -
"life is just so much funner with you Ann!"

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Day 9

semi-overcast 25 °C

September 10th

We had a granny meeting at brick making today, seriously, you would think we where old ladies with the chat we come out with!
Rusty had to go back to Tsavo today until Monday, so the boogie bus is staying with us for the weekend. She is much smaller but has a radio - Tiao Cruz, Dynamite, tuuuuuune!
We came back and literally everyone fell asleep on the table! You know the way if you lean on one side for a long period of time and your muscle is stretched like that and then when you sharply get up you get a soaring pain through your neck...? THAT IS WHAT I GOT WHEN I WOKE UP!... but also nearly fell off my chair cause i got such a fright!
A bunch of us shotgunned the second bus ride to the tree nursery so we could have an extra sleep and possibly just not go - such lazy wee shits we are! The tree nursery was banter though and Stevie made everyone eat chillies, people where crying in pain they where so hot, needless to say i didn't have any for shockingly obvious reasons - for those not in the know, i find a plain Nando's chicken burger has a little nip to it... i rest my case! Oh my god... nando's... what i wouldn't do for one right now...
FOCUS! I had the best scrub EVERRRR in the shower. I actually felt CLEAN!. Bloody braw. And i brushed my hair for the first time in a week and a half, it's so smoooove, AND i even put mascara on at dinner! Pushing the boat out i know!
Stevie gave me yet another fright, not as dramatic as the last, but a fright none the less. Na uh. Naaaat good.

We done a lot of laughing today.. but really we done sweeet FA.
Well not FA, for those in Britain you'd expect a good days wage for it, here we class it as nothing. haha.


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Day 8

sunny 34 °C

Spetemeber 9th

I got a good amount of deworming done to ME at the livestock deworming today, was really quite funny! Photos later will explain..
I was totally into it, Bryony, Tina and I where about the only ones though! We got to get right in there and catch the goats and hold them, open their mouths and put the medicine in and spray them - felt like being back at the vets! Bryony got some really cute shots of me holding the babies :)! Sarah was 'musliming' it up by looking like an aerobics instructor, BRILLIANT! Photos later will also explain this.. The walk was intense but so worth while to really get out into the middle of no where amongst all the single homesteads!
We came back and did some sunbathing - yup you heard me, SUNBATHING, i was surprised i did this too! haha.
We went back down to E.D.P where a mini swahili lesson was to be had, i'm impressed with what i know already!
Bryony, Sarah and i had a total heart to heart in the evening, chatting about everything, was verrrry good. I had a Tusker too, the heat, alcohol and general banter made me a little too tipsy and which case an early night was called for!


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