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Day 7

sunny 28 °C

September 8th

Today. Road Maintenance. Oh my god - the heat! For a change we got to wear shorts and vest tops so it was nice cause we could really appreciate the breeze! I was part of the "HOE TEAM!", big bunch of sluts we where.. joking, we just hoed things.. like on the ground.. with a hoe.. i know, how dull! haha. As hard as the road maintenance was, i would say it has been my favourite so far - a bit of pain in the back and arms plus a surn burnt back - whats not to love?! ..but i genuinly did enjoy it :) It was really good banter and obviously we had a good auld sing song today to "i like big buts and i cannot lie..", you know the rest. Many centipedes appeared, blue a wriggly and apparently very poisonous, not goo. It was so good to see the road done, to see all your hard work pay off! And we where the first to drive on it!
In the afternoon we did the womens group visit, we where greeted with singing and, as i always am, i was a bit nervous. It was amazing and we joined in and it was so much fun! We did a variety of things - gathered peas, split the peas, soak them, ground them and weaved grass.. obviously played with the chickens and baby goats on the way though!
When we where pounding we where told to sing a traditional song to pound to so OBVIOUSLYYYY i cracked out a bit of Usher - OMG styleee. It raised much laughter.
OH! I also made my first Elephant spot today, aaaand of the biggest heard we have seen so far, all hidden away in the trees.. 30 or so of them! :D

Sitting here listening to Taylor Swift's Love Story, i seriously think i'm the happiest i've been in a reeeeally long time. Feel like i have 'Hakuna matata' - just glad to... get away


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Day 6

I don't wanna close my eyes.. i don't wanna fall asleep... cause i miss you babe.. and i don't wanna miss a thing..

sunny 28 °C

September 7th

I DID NOT FALL ASLEEP ON RUSTY! ...not that anyone saw anyway...
Early start meant no shower again and a little bit grumpy but sausages on the table put a smile on my face :)!
Headed to the school and was met with the loverrrrly Dipesh, born and brought up in Kenya, his parents where Ex Pats. He was chatty and HAAAAAT! Sarah has called dibs. haha.
Totally effing tired, like actually DYING! Arrrgghhh, bones and muscles hurting!
The bricks where quite hard cause we where really tired from yesterdays work, the menoutenous pounding and shoveling really gets to you - but it's SO rewarding!
The Tree Nursery goes past in a quick blur - as always! Mixing Elephant dung and dirt, verrrry messy work! Trap door spider anyone?! I KNOOOWWW! i froze. i was more than quite scared! haha. Had to shove all the dirt into an old sack which they where then going to use to grow vegetables.
THEN - i told a few of the girls over dinner how when i (or maybe many other scottish kids) was little i was lead to believe that haggis where animals with one leg shorter than the other and ran round a mountain in only one direction, and to catch them you had to scare them to turn the other way so then they would loose their balance... caused much hilarity none the less!
I also got RIPPPPED for believing in the Loch Ness Monster - see these english eh?! jokes, love you Joanne ;) i don't care what ANYONE says, he is this and just preparing for his grand entrance for when i finally get up there to visit him! end of.
But honestly, all the english majority of the team are going to go back home and tell people the Scottish are absoloutley crazy/idiotic... SORRY GUYS! ha.

OH! We are also the quickest group Stevie has ever had because we made over 50 bricks in two and half hours... EVERYTHING was by hand... impressive i know ;)


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we gotta dig, dig, dig, dig,
dig for this love!

we gotta mix, mix, mix, mix,
mix for these bricks!

think it'll reach the charts soon......? haha

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Day 5

and the beat keep running, running, running....

sunny 27 °C

September 6th

Last night was campfire again which unfortunately turned into relationship chat - not up for that. no. no. no.
This morning was a freezing one which included shivering and a serious lie in - so much so i got up just in time for breakfast and missed getting a shower! Nat good. Smelly, smelly.
Heading to the school was filled with excitement aaand i fell asleep. I'm seriously going to be remembered as the girl who ALWAYS fell asleep on Rusty.. (Y)

Story time

Once upon a time a leaf gently floated down onto the hardworking floor of Rusty. Princess Sarah thought nothing of it and gave me a commoners look at the fact i jumped in fright. I was sure that this imposter was in fact a large bug. To which my thoughts brought no aveil as the "bug" did not reappear. The sweat dripped from my forehead on to the diamon necklace layed against my neck and the tiara was slipping from my head as the thought of the bug was in my mind. I glance at all the other Dukes, Prince's and Princess' to see if they can notice my nerves as i look carefully under my chair. My heart is racing. My palms are sweaty. My eyes are strainging for the presence of the bug. And there, behind the wheel barrow a servant must have left, the crusty black shell emerges. There is the "leaf". The "leaf" that Princess Sarah so definately said wasn't a bug. It crawled and crawled past the high heels and and the sweet smell of italian leather shoes the men where wearing and made its way to the end of the carriage. Feet where rising left, right and centre as the bug made its way through the crowd. People where screaming, hearts where racing, pictures where being taken a plenty.. then the b**tard flew away without a dramatic ending!

September 6th

So, after that it was a very "jambo" filled welcoming as the kids and the teachers met us from Rusty. The cutest and definately most out going of all the children was a little boy called Omari, with his little bag which had "my first bag" written on it. CUTEEEE!
The building wasn't. As intense as i had imagined but it definately wasn't easy in the heat! We learnt to make bricks and then Sarah, Bryony and I formed Team H2O - thinking we picked the easy job in the Tree Nursery and it would be a five minute job.. Two hours later, seven trips up and down a hill to a burst pipe and a lot of sweat and a burnt face, we finished. What a day.
Had a good auld heart to heart with Sarah, Lauren, Nadia and the wife about things and it was SO good just to get things off my chest, but it brought about a few tears.
Campfire was good tonight - i'm writing about it tonight because i'm currently writing this in my bed!
Stevie gave me the HUGEST fright which made me jump up, break the fire pit wall, straddle lauren and push over my own chair... all caught on camera by miss waugh!
We totally animal watched it up by listening to Elephants a couple of metres away from us in the pitch black tonight - Sarah and i totally found one that no one else had noticed but we didnt like the idea of being surrounded so went back to the fire :)! We didnt actually end up seeing one though cause Stevie had turned his phone off so the elephants text messages weren't getting through.. gutted! God, what a funny man he is (:
OH! and Katie farted in the excitement of it all... what a grot eh?!

Drama over - night night!


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Katie Gee-Finch, 18, Bedfordshire
Sarah Taylor, 26, Kent
Bryony Waugh, 18, Newcastle
Ben Burton, 18, London
Lauren Thomas, 18, Brighton
Nadia Jude, 18, Bendigo, Australia
Tina Hand, 22, Gloustershire
Keira Dinsmore, 23, N. Ireland
Rory Irving, 19, Essex
Emma Vrolijk, 21, EVERYWHERE
Jenny Sian Green, 21, Newcastle

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