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Day 4

I'm on my way, from misery to happiness....

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September 5th

Woke with the soft tones of my wife (Jenny's) voice, we started the day with banter.
Breakfast was filled with the night befores shananagins of enraged baboons and tales pf guards with guns coming to kill a centipide - which nearly happened by the way!
The mornings R&R was well respected with sunbathing, diary writing, girl talk of shaving, boobs and deep debates about the haulocaust and miracles - we like to mix things up and keep things fresh you know!
Learning swahili in the shade of the midday sun was fun and obviously we learnt the most useful and basic of words - so of course we learnt 'crap', 'cool beans', 'tip top' and 'FOOOOOD!'
The gamedrive was a hidden competition of camera zoom and then next David Attenborough (ME :D) emerged.. oh yes - watch your back mr! We drove to the travelers lodge and it was absolute heaven on earth as we watched elephants with a Tusker (local, amazing, beer) in one hand and a camera in the other - BRILLIANT! The ride home in Rusty wasn't so pleasant though a she pinged a branch and a poisonous fuit flew of and smacked me square in the nose.. i hid the tears under my sunglasses... then burst out laughing :)! i still can't get away from stupidity following me around even if i AM on the other side of the equator! Bryony, Ben and I didn't hear Stevie shout it was poisonous and proceeded to play with it and decided to keep it as a souveineer getting the nesty juice all over our hands, sitting on them all the way back home wasn't pleasant and a little numbing! haha.
Jenny and i had our first couple argument, over food... and it wasnt really an argument.. more "GIVE ME A BIIIIIIT!" argument.. haha! We soon made up and invited everyone to our tent for a party :)


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Day 3

i did it again so i'm gonna let the beat drop..

sunny 25 °C

September 4th

Apparently i have a cute snore, well not a snore, but a deep breathing which is soothing - WHO KNEW?! Jenny and i woke up to have a shower at 6:30am, verrrry early! But unfortunately my first night here had not been a sound one because i was absolutely freezing all night and there was a bird outside which i swear sounded like and alarm clock! Not good. In the end we, along with my snot encrusted nose, headed for the showers where we where met with Rory's head sticking out over the top of the shower - seriously funny when you are half awake. The showers are amazing cause it literally is just some plant leaves made into a "wall" and a peice of plastic draped at the front so you can get in, in the middle of no where, and when you look up while shampooing your hair all you see is the sun beating and blue skies :)!
After breakfast we headed out for a game drive and learnt about Elephants - how you tell females and males apart and what there different actions mean. We drove to the travelers lodge and the staff told us there was an old lone bull round the back of the rooms, and as we took pictures from the room i moved to get a better spot and as i moved across the boards my foot proceeded to go through the floorboards - apparently someone had done it early and weakened it :/ - make a very loud cracking noise and scare the elephant away.. BRILLIANT! After more elephant spotting we headed back to camp for lunch and a bit more relaxation in the midday heat - bloody hot by the way!
We spent the afternoon making Elephant Dung Paper (E.D.P for future reference) by which i seem to be a natural at, haha. We also got to make photo albums from it, so i made one for a special persons birthday! They will find out when i post it :) We also split into teams to see who would finish the paper quickest and i was made 'leader' of ours, aptly called TEAM A - and we won, rightly so though, we where bloody brilliant!
Poor wee Nadias suitcase still isn't here and might not be coming - stupid airlines!
After Tea we all sat round the campfire and played chirads were the teams got mean and sneaky! I got stuck with "Ugly Betty" and "Bitter Sweet Symphany"... try describing that!
After distant trumpeting and rustling of trees and bushes and unknown footsteps, we all got freaked out and hit the hay!

September 4th - 1am

Sarah and Katie have just woken everyone up, including Stevie, because they thought a ravenous, crazy eyed, human eating baboon was outside their tent and was about to attack them.. It was a lizard. No bigger than your hand.
Goodnight.. again!


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Day 2

I'm wearing all my favourite brands, brands, brands, brands...

sunny 30 °C

September 3rd

HOLY SHIT! Jill Morton. You are in trouble. She has given me a seriously baaaad cold. I cannot breath through my nose - AT ALL!
Anyways, back to this. the flight was fine to Nairobi but i felt like SHIT! I hadn't eaten, hadn't bought and food and the Kenya Airways food was few and far between. Katie just kicked me... such a meany ;) Ben has told me to stop writing my journal because he says i'm getting too attatched to it... but i'm not listening to him because we have an ongoing scottish-english battle :)! haha.
Anyhoo, distracted AGAIN! The landing in Nairobi was so bad, the whole plane was breathing sharply and inhaling air like it was there last! I swear we where on one wheel at one point and we swerved to save the tilt - quite scary!
We got our visas and bags but then - DRAMA! Rory and Tina's bags didn't turn up and flight to Mombassa was quite soon and we really couldnt miss it! It took a LOT of communication skills and some guys had to go rumaging but eventually they turned up on the wrong belt and we headed on over to the domestic departure lounge... some plastic chairs in a room! ha. We met the loverly Aussie - Nadia - who had lost her bags in Johnasburg and also left her phone on the plane to nairobi, silly billy! She says they are putting them on the next flight and they are coming tomorrow though :)
So, we headed to Mombassa on the plane where i was in a STUPID middle seat where i swear i snuggled into an English girl next to me... poor thing!
Mombassa. Two layers. Hot. Humid. WHITE VEST TOP - PRINTED BRAAAA! baaad idea. verrry bad. "Why hello there Mr. Sweaty!"
We headed out with all the luggage and where met with a very shouty old man with a humungous lime green ring on his pinky, whoever told him that was fashionable should be shot! ha. We headed out to the car park with him to get our ride and where met with a TRUCK, an actual massive truck! It was like they had taken a lorry and just stuck seats in it! haha. We have named her Sheila, Rusty Sheila. There as another group from Camps International who where Aussies on our truck cause theres where to full, we decided we didnt like there chat once they started talking about how dirty Africa was, and that the "hotel" better be nice, and that their parents paid for all this, and that they couldnt wait to get to Europe so they could just get high all the time in Amsterdam... bummy holes!
Anyhoo, headed to the ferry where it would cut out about 2hours driving time through the city - it was soooo full! people just kept coming on and on and on and onnnn..... i swear the thought of it sinking crossed my mind! ha.
We headed to The Leap HQ at Diani Beach and dumped all our documents off so we wouldnt loose them - THANK GOD! ...you all know what i'm like! haha. And off we trotted to the Elephant sanctuary where we where greeted with somewhat LUXURY! Massive tents and gorgeous food - all we really need to be honest :)! Stevie talked us through the project plans which was good because now we know exactly what we are doing, then it was card time and i realised the only reason i am good at Rummy is because i only play with people who are shit... WHO KNEW?! haha


p.s. wish me luck - i'm sharing a tent with Jenny!

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Day 1

can we pretend aeroplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars...

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Septemebr 2nd - AM

Already i can tell that this blog is gonna be hard work, but hey ho i'm gonna try! i'm keeping a journal so i don't forget things and you can know aaaall the details :)!

Okay, so i am currently sitting in my living room with the slight feeling i am going to CHUNDER everywhere. The nerves are also making me very short and snappy but i really don't mean it... woopsy! I am also heading to the good auld Gyle to get last minute things that i had a freak out about last night/this morning..
The girls are meeting me at the airport where i will probably say a teary goodbye to them..

September 2nd - PM

Bloody hell. I was a bubbly mess! I cried at everything.. i was given two LOVELY cards with messages inside and a little coin purse, with a note and a giraffe necklace inside it from the girlies :)! I also got given a photo with each of the girls which the so SNEAKLY took on tuesday at my very drunken leaving night! Those littl devils! They also put song lyrics on the back which remind me of them :D

Anyhoo - so i go through security, beep as ALWAYS, get groped then head on through to the gate. (My pen is running out and it's driving me maaaad!) Get on the plane, plonk my arse down and then a businessman sits down at the window seat so there is a gap between us. When i am on planes my polite conversations are commonly met with short answers or funny looks, orrr if i'm really lucky BOTH, so i didnt even bother trying with this guy. To my pleasant surprise i am met with the question "So, you traveling far?". AAAAHHHH A FELLOW TRAVELER IS TALKING TO ME!! And that was it. We where chatting for the whole flight! It was his first time in Scotland even though he was only from just outside London and he had stayed in 'bonny' Dunfermline on business. He had spent about £100+ on Glenfissich Wiskey cause his dad apparently loves it and proceeded to drink the cheapest whicky you can get on the plane, to which i slagged him appropriately! I walked out of the plane in front of him not wanting to wait incase it was just a pleasant chat he was after on the plane, but he ran and caught up with me and we walked to get our bags together. We didn't know each others names, ages, jobs, relationship status' (thank god!) or anything, but it really didnt matter. We where just two people who would probably never meet again, and maaan we got along like a house on fire! We said our goodbyes and i waited round like an idiot for Bryony..

"are you wearing a blue jumper by any chane? ;) x" STALKER! should have saved her number... i was, and Bryony was met from a sort of half jog/half pulling a rucksack along, hug :)! We FINALLY made it out of terminal 5 after some serious confusion with the STUPIIIIID trains to terminal 4 where we met the team and headed to check-in!

I'm already settled. I feel as if these people are people i have known for ages and we are all just going on a wild adventure together!
The banter is flowing and i have already been giving out MEGA scottish pride, in a group of 75% English, you have to keep your head above water some how! haha. A trip to the airport bar has also been cpmpleted. I'm sitting on my own on the plane but i quite like it - gives me time to chill, sleep and generally think about things.
AAAHAHAHA! This business guy seems to be following me about, guess what they are selling on the Duty Free carts?! - GLENFIDDICH. Brilliant.
Anyway, "Dear John" will be requiring my full attention so goodnight my lovely followers


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There's a place i know if you're looking for a show..

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Your time will be split between our tented camps at the coast, in the Shimba Hills and in the bush close to Tsavo National Park. Between them you’ll get stuck into a series of sustainable conservation and community projects making a considerable difference to the people and their environments.

Coast - Diani Beach
This camp at Makongeni is a short distance from Diani Beach on the South Kenya Coast, famous for its shallow, warm, reef protected water. A variety of restaurants, water sport centres, internet, shopping and other facilities are close by. 10 minutes away is Ukunda town, home to the indigenous Digo people providing local culture and colourful market stalls.
Shimba Hills - Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary
We are extremely lucky to have a mobile camp in this sanctuary with a 360-degree view over the herds of elephant. It has the densest population of elephants per square mile for anywhere worldwide.
The Sanctuary is community owned and here you'll play an instrumental role in developing initiatives aimed at reducing the human-wildlife conflict. The journey to Mwaluganje is a 45-minute drive from the beach that winds through stunning landscape. You'll work alongside the Wildlife Rangers, local communities and of course, the elephants!

The Bush - Rukinga Ranch, Tsavo
The third is at Ruknga Ranch a tented camp about 4 hours from the coast, bordering Tsavo National Parks. It is a permanent bush camp in the centre of Rukinga Sanctuary, set out like an African village, surrounded by endless views of the African Bush. There is one large mess area with a large campfire where you'll all hang out after a hard day's work.

details details details!

Helping Who
Children in Makongeni school, the wildlife at Mwaluganie Elephant Sanctuary and Rukinga Ranch, the Imani community.

The Coast - Makongeni Village (4 weeks)

Teach children English and Sport at Makongeni School during term time
Help in other nurseries/child care centres
Help construct classrooms
Work alongside local children to construct organic charcoal briquettes
Improve access to clean drinking water
Tree planting with primary school kids to teach about forest conservation
Help with landscaping, cultivating native tree species and planting seedlings
The possibility to assist with an orphan outreach programme - helping orphans and other vulnerable people
Rafiki Kenya
We help this small Foundation ‘Rafiki Kenya’ to provide valuable support to the community in a number of ways: medical, ‘a bed for a child’, improving infrastructure – classrooms, medical centre, ablution (sanitation) blocks and empowering women’s groups with income generating schemes.

Marine Mangrove Conservation
Helping women's groups develop their fish culture business by constructing fishponds in the mangroves.

Shimba Hills - Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary (2 weeks)

Monitoring of elephants and identification on game drives
Maintain/improve visitor facilities e.g. campsites, roads and fences
Help develop schools surrounding the Wildlife Sanctuary
Improving the gift shop and produce a range of quality elephant dung paper products that can be sold to increase revenue for the sanctuary!
Plant indigenous tree species in the sanctuary
Develop wildlife education programmes for the surrounding communities.

The coast - Makongeni Village (1 week)

Finish off your projects at Makongeni, say farewell to your friends in the community and prepare for the journey to Tsavo.

The Bush - Rukinga Ranch, Tsavo (3 weeks)

Community projects

Improve the rural primary school
Construct sports and play facilities
Provide teaching assistance and environmental education
Promoting local micro-enterprise initiatives
Make traditional African crafts, such as beadwork, jewellery and furniture
Live with the Imani community getting to know what it’s like to survive in a rural community and gain a greater understanding of rural issues -
Conservation projects

Help to manage habitats, excavating waterholes and planting trees
Learn animal survey techniques, collect zoological samples and help to improving educational displays for the conservation centre
Monitor the usage of waterholes by wildlife
Wildlife viewing and recording
Elephant identification (up to 10,000 elephants pass through Tsavo!)
Brush up your bush skills

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