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Day 17

sunny 29 °C

September 18th

Packing. Recently i have become quite the expert on this front!
We all got a photo in front of the Mwaluganje sign before the off, and it became "spot the Ann" game, as my legs went sore in every space i got so i swapped about with everyone! It was very emotional to say bye to everyone - Mama Chapati, Wilfred, Stevie, Skinny neck, The Old Guard... and all the other staff we didn't create fun-loving nicknames for (:
We went to a supermarket on the way to Makongeni, it was so strange, just to be around lots of.. WHITE PEOPLE! Aaaahhh. The supermarket had aisles AND tills, AND western food, AND a second floor, AND a phone section, AAAAAND.... CRISPS AND BISCUITS! Mental. Sheer mentalness.
The camp is GORGEOUS - honestly we are spoilt! It has a mirror in front of the sinks.. a toaster.. a FRIDGE!.. a darts board.. internet in the village at certain times.. the showers have DOORS.. and.. we.. have.. SOFAAAAS! We have three huts/dorm rooms, ours is called the "Love Shack" and has Bryony, Jenny, Katie, Lauren and myself as members.
We where met with coconuts and straws, quite the tropical reception eh?, and i quite happily ate my coconuts insides as well as enjoying the juice!
We went to 40 Theives for an hour for lunch and i had pizza. Thats right - Pizza in AFRICA. It was so overwhelming, the sun, the sea, the sand - just seemed TO perfect! Everyone had an amazing time, although we ran into the grumpy Aussies we had shared the bus into Diani with on our first day... they still looked grumpy.
Our night out to 40's was So funny, the Aussies where out in force and our team just kept taking the piss out of them.. not in an overly nasty way, just that they really needed to come off their high horse and stop being snobby and realise they are meant to be here for a good cause!
Then i had a "first". Ann in club. Ann dancing in club. Ann dancing on beach. Ann dancing in sea. Ann face-planting the sea. Ann soaking wet. Ann going back into club. Ann dancing, wet, in club. BRILLIANT! I was verrrry wet and was right out then Bryony totally sprinted out to me and face planted the water as well, she was DRENCHED! I had a stich from laughing so much i never fell over too!
We came back at 1am and then the munchies kicked in... "HELLO JENNY'S BIG BAG OF CRISPS!"


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Day 16

sunny 26 °C

September 17th

Very bad - two days late! woops.
Sarah walked in on Skinny Neck in the toilet early this morning - red cloth in sight!
I meant to do washing, i honestly did, but it just didn't happen!
The game drive was in the rain, its a speciality our group has to produce rubbish weather on our days off! At lunch we got all the bed sheets from our tents and tied them together around the hut to make them like bunting - it was so frickin' AWESOME!
Bryony made Stevie his crown while Sarah made the coolest card ever! (:
Afternoon was a brick session.. all of 15, and conman Stevie made us mix loads of soil and i was adamant it would make about 30 rather than 15. I was wrong. But i accepted defeat! ha.
We (rest of the team) played netball with the school - THEY HAVE NO RULES! We where being tackled, pushed, elbowed, earings where being yanked, and Ben got a burst lip from a massively built guy who looked like a bruiser... actually it was a girl! what a sap eh? We still kicked their ass 4-3 though!
Party planning kicked off and the make-up was put on! So weird to see everyone looking so different with it on. Also, everyone wore Kangas so we where tribal-ing it up! We had a banquet, an emotional interview with Stevie and prize giving! We had some hardcore dancing then a good auld campfire with some classic 90's cheese music. Stevie said we are the first EVER group to throw a party, which i find strange because the place is so amazing, you have everything to celebrate about! Everyone was really quite sad to leave.


Some Stevie quotes -
"That's nice..."
"...Oh, Sorry..."
"Slowly by slowly"

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Day 15

sunny 29 °C

September 16th

I am a walking zombie in the morning - i honestly am, i just grumble about the place, bumping into things, quite hilarious really!
Little Katie wasn't feeling quite herself this morning so she gave E.D.P a miss - didn't miss much though, we just kept going with the paper making, but we did also make notebooks (:
Sarah and i became über secret detectives and had to slyly steal paper for Stevie's card - which by the way is turning out to be amazing!
Lunch consisted of the usual standard food then... BANANA FRITTERS AND CHOCOLATE SAUCE! mm, mm, mm.... heaven.
We then created an arts and crafts table and made our card for Stevie, self portraits around a tusker label - that's how we role! I must say Bryony's stick person in a very ghetto outfit was my favourite.. gave Picasso a run for his money.
Stevie also made us rate all the stuff we have done here and it really was quite hard! So many favourites..
The womans visit was very hard, and sometimes negative on my part - i wanted to enjoy it but i wish i was told i was going to be digging a trench in the midday heat in muslim clothes, with a Kanga on ASWELL! naaaat great. We went into four teams of three and Bryony, Nadia and I were the last team. You could see as the trenches went along to us, the people helping and the number of tools available decreased. So much so on our trench we only had two spades and one hoe.. and no helpers. While the first trench had three spades, three hoes, two women, and FOUR men helping them.. advantage? i think so. We did it though and it meant a lot to see it completed (: Plus, it seemed to be a really important thing to the village so that got me positive again!
Sarah and i's über detectiveness also came out when we followed him to see what he puts in his god dam TEA! God help him if a lion sneaks up on him when he's in the bush cause he didn't see us until the last minute - either that or we are utter stealth! Turns out its spices he puts in his tea that send you "whacky", tastes like Indian Chai though, verrrry tasty!
I'm off to have a shower because i smell like feet....


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Day 14

rain 24 °C

September 15th


Today i woke up with hardly any nerves, which is quite bad considering the task at hand - TEACHING! We headed to the school in the second bus and went straight to the staffroom and had a cup of tea and a doughnut type thing.. I wanted to throw away my tea, mainly because of the very THICK layer of.. well i don't know what it was, but i didn't want it in my mouth. Mr Musa made me feel so guilty for not drinking it so i pretended it was to hot to drink. No. This did not work. Instead he insisted i pour the tea into a dirty bowl, swirl it around to cool it then pour it back into a cup. No. This did not happen. Instead i poured that vulgar liquid, as if it was a cocktail from the swankiest bar in Edinburgh, down my throat. I wanted to be sick. I'm thinking my tummy will pay for it later...
This afternoon was chilled and we planned Friday nights shenanigans then we headed for an evening game drive and a huge herd of Ellies where SO close, was amazing! ...then my camera died!
Stevie found about the "Fletcher" story.. hilarious. I cannot tell you any more on the matter. Inside joke (: ha.
I phoned daddy on Jenny's phone, because mine just refuses to get any signal out here, to wish him happy birthday and it was so nice to hear his voice, but it made me really upset because he suddenly felt so far away and i just wanted to give him a cuddle! Feeling better now though!


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Day 13

sunny 27 °C

September 14th

We made bricks today. Well, i made one brick. But in total we made bricks.. plural! The locals where hoeing foundations while we finished the bricks and when we finally finished and headed over we got bossed about and the mood headed a bit southwards for some people, as they just talked about you and laughed. After a quick chat with Stevie though that was all sorted!
For some reason i was in THEE grumpiest mood ever this morning, like i was about to cry in frustration - manners. It's common sense in Britain but lacks in Kenya, something i will soon become accustom to no doubt but it will take some work! I just need some pleases and thank you's.. every little helps eh? :) haha.
We also moved all the bricks, in one of the classrooms, that had been drying for some time and Stevie asked us to carry out tarpaulin and some sacks to weigh it down so it wouldn't blow away when covering the bricks outside. The biggest. Ugliest. Hairiest. looking spider was on Katie's sack and i wanted to vomit in fear. It just sat there as if it was dead and the fear disappeared.. until SOMEONE hit it with a spade and it came running off in my direction... they have remained nameless for fear of death.
The naughty elephants tried to escape the electric fence into the village last night and because of this they stood on the water pipes ad burst it so no water got to the camp this morning, so poor wee Stevie had to work through his lunch break straight after he had helped us on the projects WE were knackered from and fix the pipe.. poor guy! What a legend.
Bryony and i got on the second bus to the tree nursery, got there, then about 10 minutes later got back on the bus to camp to get water to water the plants, where we wasted an hour chatting to each other and the staff back at camp then came back to the nursery and did fuck all again. YIPEEEE!
Came back and planned our lesson for tomorrows class at the primary school, it got half way through the second set of algebraic equations and i remembered why i USED to enjoy maths but always had lots of doodles in my jotter... it's boring, but basically quite easy... hence the boring-ness. I'm just to brainy for my own good is what i'm trying to say! haha. Lauren, Keira and I managed it though and tomorrow should be a breeze.. if not, i'm used to gales in Scotland anyways :)!
Stevie tried to explain how you should explain parts of the vagina to the other group in which they would teach the other class Sex Ed... this was all very useful except that he was pointing to a diagram of a penis! HILARIOUS.
Bryony and i sat chatting in my tent for aaaages, totally unplanned, i was just getting changed and we both couldnt be bothered going back up to the hut, so bloody funny though! Red balloons anyone?


"we have discussed that if the team was a body, you would be the heart that keeps it all going"
- Ben and Bryony

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